W.D Aesthetic is a Medical Aesthetic Clinic, located in the heart of Bowmanville. Led by Dr. Lottering dedicated to helping people look and feel their best.

Dr. Lottering 


Dr. Lottering believes in a holistic approach, where Health is not only defined by the  absence of disease but also  an ultimate sense of well being. Achieving such a sense of well being is greatly enhanced when a person feels good about their appearance.


This was the motivation for  acquiring  Aesthetic proficiency 5 years ago and  providing  skillful service where less can be more .


As a medical practitioner  certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and more than thirty years of experience in the fields of Emergency Medicine, Intensive care, Anaesthesia, Family Medicine and Care of the Elderly, he values the importance of Physical and Mental well being and the important interaction of the two.


Although increased activity, a healthy diet and avoidance of smoking, sun exposure, and excessive alcohol has a dramatic impact on looking younger, some clients might need extra treatment  to regain their youthful look.


Fortunately, with minimally invasive techniques such as Neuromodulators, Dermal Fillers and excellent skin scare a youthful look can be maintained.

Specializing in Cosmetic Injectables 



Anti-Wrinkle Injections



Volume Enhancement Injections

Usually the first therapeutic intervention in rejuvenating facial features. The BOTOX works to relax the muscle by blocking the nerve impulse from reaching that specific area, causing the muscle to relax and the wrinkle to fade resulting in a long lasting effect.

Fillers is a natural injectable treatment to eradicate established wrinkles and creases for a more youthful look. Fillers are extremely effective when used in conjunction with BotoxFillers work to replace the fullness of the skin. 


Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Many individuals suffer from excessive sweating, a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. It is a fairly common problem that can be limited to the underarms but can also affect the face, back, palms and soles of the feet.


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